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fibrous / волокнистый, фиброзный, жилистый
имя прилагательное
fibrous, stringy, filamentary, fibroid, fibrillar, fibred
wiry, sinewy, veiny, fibrous, tendinous
имя прилагательное
consisting of or characterized by fibers.
lignin is the fibrous material that gives wood its strength
The chipboard uses the cucumber plant's strong fibrous strands to create a dense and durable material held together with resin.
The larger plaques tend to be stable, noninflamed and covered with a thick fibrous cap.
Since fibrous food is difficult to eat due to lack of teeth there is a tendency by the aged to opt for softer, non-fibrous food.
Often known as giant reed, its fleshy, fibrous roots penetrate deeply into the soil.
The root framework supports a large number of fibrous roots which, by their continuing growth, comb the soil for minerals and water.
Thatch is a layer of fibrous material, which if it becomes too deep, prevents proper drainage of rain.
Collagen is a large, fibrous protein that keeps your skin supple and elastic.
In this case compost is made with a mix of ground up corn cobs and mud press, a fibrous waste product from the local sugar refinery.
The palm oil and peanut used to marinate the leaves provide a nice touch without overpowering the fibrous greens.
In the rural areas, the fibrous roots of this tree are used for making painting brushes, used for white washing.