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fibril / волоконце, жилка, тонкое нервное волокно
имя существительное
fibril, fibrilla
vein, streak, nerve, string, fibril, fibrilla
тонкое нервное волокно
имя существительное
a small or slender fiber.
each muscle fiber is subdivided into smaller fibrils
Many such pairs of filaments are bundled together into a structure called a fibril , and groups of fibrils make up a single muscle fiber (cell).
All fibril dimensions were therefore estimated from the height of the fibril in cross section.
As the number of fibrils decreases, it becomes increasingly easier to cut the next fibril because the fibrils carry larger and larger loads.
In particular, the mineral completely encases each fibril, enclosing the fibrillar volume.
The tumor cells had elongated blunt-ended nuclei and acidophilic fibrillary cytoplasm.
Because fibrillar collagens are secreted by fibroblasts and other connective tissue cells, the composition of the matrix is determined by these cells.
The reticular, fibrillar and membranous differentiations of mesenchymatous origin become secondarily involved.
The intracytoplasmic structures in which the stored material accumulates are enlarged lysosomes that contain a characteristic, finely fibrillary material.
The single nucleus was oval, with pale chromatin and a large nucleolus rich in fibrillar and granular components.
They had ovoid nuclei, a small amount of lightly eosinophilic cytoplasm, and fibrillary cytoplasmic processes.