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fibre / волокно, нить, фибра
имя существительное
fiber, filament, thread, lint, grain, staple
thread, yarn, filament, fiber, clue, funiculus
fiber, grain, fibre
имя существительное
a thread or filament from which a vegetable tissue, mineral substance, or textile is formed.
tropical elements like coconut fibers and branches
dietary material containing substances such as cellulose, lignin, and pectin, which are resistant to the action of digestive enzymes.
cereals high in fiber
After all, your elders are of a stronger moral fibre , having been tested in life.
Actual plant starches contain a certain amount of cellulose, another carbohydrate which is not digested by humans but supplies essential dietary fibre .
It all makes me feel rather sorry for men: as if being present at the birth has become some sort of test of moral fibre .
Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fibre , and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants.
a weak person with no moral fibre
Salad leaves are rich in a range of nutrients including fibre , folate and so-called carotenoids such as alphacarotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.
Made out of lentils, beans and spices, these little balls are rich in fibre and protein.
Dietary fibre consists of plant material such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, polysaccharides, gums, mucilage and lignin.
He practices his speech on moral fibre that should land him a scholarship to a prestigious university, while darting envious glances at his partying schoolmates.
she wanted him with every fibre of her being