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fiasco / фиаско, провал, облом
имя существительное
fiasco, fizzle, frost, dead frost
failure, fail, collapse, failing, flop, fiasco
fiasco, mold, belt, failure, fail, mould
имя существительное
a thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way.
his plans turned into a fiasco
his plans turned into a fiasco
It was a fiasco and a disaster, but the courage of the soldiers impressed even the Russians.
The paper was forced to publish a humiliating front page apology for the fiasco the following day.
his plans turned into a fiasco
The recent fiasco over parking charges has demonstrated their arrogance and incompetence.
When we see true ‘dictatorship,’ as opposed to yet another permutation of Parliamentary fiascos , we will see it in the eyes of the hysterical, not from their mouths.
At the start of the new millennium, the corporate world witnessed major fiascos and ethical blunders.
The first is that the Americans attacked before they were really ready, either because of the diplomatic fiascos with Turkey and in the UN, or due to pressure to beat the summer heat.
If there are any baking fiascos this year with the bread I'm going to quit this tradition and just start making bunnies out of Rice Krispy treats.
Saturday's losing team, meanwhile, apologised for one of the biggest soccer fiascos Germany has ever suffered, expressing shame and remorse for only their second ever World Cup qualifying defeat.