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fey / умирающий, обреченный
имя прилагательное
dying, moribund, fey, expiring, parting, terminal
doomed, fated, fey, fateful
имя прилагательное
giving an impression of vague unworldliness.
his mother was a strange, fey woman
Depp plays it low camp and fey , with beard braids, gold teeth and smudged mascara, and he does that Mike Myers / Dr Evil hand-to-mouth thing, only with the forefinger.
My personal distaste for fey singers aside, British quartet the Buffseeds offer up a decent and quite listenable album.
In today's political climate nothing spells defeat for Democrats more than the image of a bunch of fey , ivory tower eggheads running the military.
He and co-founder/keyboardist Chris Seligman grew up together in Toronto, best friends who shared a love of fey , pretentious pop from across the pond.
Endearingly fey one minute, Norton will then go straight for the jugular of some poor, taste-challenged Pom in the audience, or phone an American eccentric on his dog-phone.
They do not have this strange, fey reticence to engage in ‘the blame game.’
‘The Second Line’ features the most precious, fey vocal stylings.
A year on from their emergence into the public eye, we are swamped with soporific, overwrought, piano-led rock played by lip-trembling white boys with messy hair, student debts and fey voices.
She has that fey look of someone whose time on Earth was always meant to be short.
The mother, whom the author renames as Eily, is an archetypal O'Brien heroine - beautiful, free-loving and fey , whose only crime is compassion.