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feverish / лихорадочный, возбужденный, взволнованный
имя прилагательное
feverish, febrile, fever, hectic, fevered, feverous
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, feverish
excited, agitated, thrilled, moved, nervous, feverish
имя прилагательное
having or showing the symptoms of a fever.
he suffered from feverish colds
Some children may become feverish , develop a rash or lose their appetite up to ten days after the injection.
On examination, he was feverish with generalised lymphadenopathy and widespread crusting papulopustular lesions.
If the patient is in severe pain or is feverish antimicrobials such as metronidazole 200 mg thrice daily for up to five days may be indicated.
The onset of flu is characterised by feverish shakings and temperature swings.
However, after some feverish activity, Volkswagen is readying its entrant and it should be on show at Frankfurt next autumn.
Rakovski moved on to Romania, where he continued his feverish journalistic and revolutionary activities.
It is more than telling that a well-nigh feverish and frenetic cult of the personality is at the core of this powerful display.
Two days later, feeling feverish , she went to them and he could tell she was struggling to maintain her composure.
Three years ago my father, Morgan Johnson, called me up cell phone to cell phone, in a state of feverish agitation.
These patients were given hygiene advice and told to return if they became feverish .