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feudal / феодальный, ленный
имя прилагательное
feudal, feudalistic, seigniorial
feudal, liege
имя прилагательное
according to, resembling, or denoting the system of feudalism.
feudal barons
This distinction can be traced back to the land tenure system of feudal times.
Why does Lee persist in this feudal and backward way of thinking as soon as he turns to talk about China?
Ferdinand IV also alienated the rural masses by failing to abolish the feudal system and alleviate the tax burden.
Authoritarianism is thus engrained in the feudal personality and is as essential to the feudal system as oxygen is to human life.
The right to teach at the universities was often granted like a title of land in the feudal system.
The feudal system is cloistered and I welcomed the change as it gave me a chance to grow emotionally and spiritually.
By the end of the ninth century the feudal system had bound together the greater part of the population.
We know it was feudal , backward and deeply conservative, in pressing need of reforms.
The Viking Age ended when many states in Europe developed the feudal system.
Last year, he attacked the Scottish Executive for breaching his human rights by abolishing the feudal system.