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feud / вражда, междоусобица, длительная вражда
имя существительное
enmity, feud, animosity, antagonism, opposition
civil strife, feud
длительная вражда
feud, be at enmity
quarrel, brawl, bicker, fall out, fuss, feud
имя существительное
a state of prolonged mutual hostility, typically between two families or communities, characterized by violent assaults in revenge for previous injuries.
the long-standing feud between two noble families
take part in a prolonged quarrel or conflict.
these two families have been feuding since the Civil War
To the despair of a generation ‘The Beatles’ were no more and were in a bitter feud , which was never going to be properly patched up.
I can see this whole thing boiling over into a bitter feud , possibly like that one on the news last week with the neighbours who argued over a fence and one of them ended up shot dead.
Their bitter feud has escalated since Shaq's offseason trade to Miami.
The bitter feud between huntsmen and the anti-hunt movement is about something quite different.
His murder was linked to an ongoing feud between two families from the area.
50 Cent has publicly called a truce with his rap protégé The Game, ending their bitter feud .
Although the Lis and the Murdochs tend to downplay it, there are elements of a family feud , something personal in the rivalry, dating back to 1993.
a savage feud over drugs money
The bitter feud between Magnier and Ferguson ended last March with the football manager accepting a one-off payment of £2.5m from Magnier to buy out his rights.
What better way than a bitter feud with a true rival?