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fettle / состояние, положение, футеровка
имя существительное
condition, state, status, position, fortune, fettle
position, location, situation, provision, state, fettle
lining, liner, inwall, fettle, enwall
line, fettle
correct, fix, mend, rectify, repair, fettle
correct, better, mend, repair, rearrange, fettle
имя существительное
the aircraft remains in fine fettle
trim or clean the rough edges of (a metal casting or a piece of pottery) before firing.
Others have fully finished designs which could have been used for impressing wax masters, or casting lead versions that were then fettled to a fine finish, encased in clay and fired.
And it pays dividends - you'll see yields increase, your worm and insect populations swell, and get a sense of satisfaction knowing that your soil is in fine fettle .
When his serve and his forehand are not in fine fettle there is very little left of Roddick's game.
After we left the eye doctor's, Zachery was in fine fettle .
But the man who has reignited the ‘Ballyteague Blaze’ certainly looked in fine fettle on final day.
Last year people travelled from all over including Chamaniox and Lyon for us to fettle their bike and particularly their disc brakes.
The bench rabbets seen at the bottom of the photograph would not be much easier to fettle .
Mersey Docks remains in fine fettle financially, and steadfastly independent.
There's more to the stream now, tall reeds with purple plumes one side, the frizzy remnants of fireweed the other, and oaks, especially a huge one by the path, probably as old as the Howards and in fine fettle .
It is one of the world's top international companies with some 200 million customers worldwide, and has emerged from the late 1990s telecoms bubble in fine fettle .
On Thursday, the PGA chief executive gave the impression to the local press that the English bid was in fine fettle , whereas the widespread view is that the race is between Scotland and Wales.