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fetid / зловонный, вонючий
имя прилагательное
stinking, smelly, fetid, malodorous, foetid, noisome
smelly, stinking, stinky, stunk, fetid, foul
имя прилагательное
smelling extremely unpleasant.
the fetid water of the marsh
And pot smoke lends a piquant tinge to the smell of fetid sweat.
They are still no showers for people who have walked for hours through fetid waters.
It smelled of fetid water and decaying food; the French Quarter was quiet for the first time in hundreds of years.
The water had become fetid , he explained, and he'd lost two crocodiles in as many years.
We are all facing death, these movies say, and when we smell its fetid breath we have only two choices.
Even in the fetid water of a city canal there are ducks and the occasional rainbow.
The fetid sour smell of garlic, garum and stale wine on his breath overwhelmed Yohanna and she gasped for air.
What yesterday had been a hog lot, was now a small, fetid swamp, water bubbling up in the middle.
He warned that the fetid water could spread disease and that natural gas was leaking all over town.
Down the embankment, paddle through four inches of fetid water and soon we were engulfed by darkness.