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fetch / получать, выбирать, привести
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, fetch
choose, select, pick, opt, elect, fetch
bring, yield, bring in, offer up, carry, fetch
get, take, reach, fetch, procure, provide
имя существительное
double, twin, counterpart, Doppelganger, fetch, similar
ghost, apparition, specter, spook, spirit, fetch
trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, fetch
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, fetch
имя существительное
the distance traveled by wind or waves across open water.
Wave disturbance was estimated by measuring the fetch for wave height on maps as the width of the river perpendicular to the center of the riverbank site.
a contrivance, dodge, or trick.
it is no ingenious fetches of argument that we want
the apparition or double of a living person, formerly believed to be a warning of that person's impending death.
That's when Sky realizes he has a ‘ fetch ’: an apparition or wraith (‘hamr’ in Norwegian) that can connect with his ancestors.
go for and then bring back (someone or something).
he ran to fetch help
achieve (a particular price) when sold.
handwoven blankets and rugs that can fetch as much as $45,000
inflict (a blow or slap) on (someone).
he always used to slam the gate and try and fetch her shins a wallop
cause great interest or delight in (someone).
Nadine thought his deductions were good, but she was not as fetched by them as Larry was
he ran to fetch help
The words that the verses of the Qur'an should not be sold for a paltry price do not mean that they can be sold if they fetch a high price.
In the tourist shops of Toraja heirlooms fetch high prices as objets d' art, and land too is sometimes sold for government projects or tourist developments.
Men of wisdom fetch their breath up from deep inside and below, while others breathe with their voice box alone.
Oil is sold wherever it can fetch the highest price.
So he called a servant to fetch a candle and led the way upstairs, the stranger following without effort despite his burden.
I likewise promise that I shall not be obliged to fetch blood with the scourge.
His voice was musical and strong, which he managed in such a manner as, one while, to make soft impressions on the heart, and fetch tears from the eyes.
With the luxury market now soaring, Ng is not resting on his laurels and says he expects a duplex on the 79th and 80th floors to fetch an even higher price.
he ran to fetch help