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festoon / гирлянда, фестон
имя существительное
garland, festoon, wreath, chaplet, torse
украшать гирляндами
festoon, engarland
украшать фестонами
festoon, escallop, pink, scallop, scollop
имя существительное
a chain or garland of flowers, leaves, or ribbons, hung in a curve as a decoration.
Houses are decorated with colourful festoons , stars and cut-outs depicting the Lord Jesus' life and, of course, the quintessential Christmas tree.
adorn (a place) with ribbons, garlands, or other decorations.
the room was festooned with balloons and streamers
Thereafter, ‘fine festoon candlesticks’ make fairly regular appearances, supplied to other clients, so disseminating a refined French style through the repertoire.
On this, the Swarovski crystal and pearls are strung like a festoon of flowers, with hanging clusters terminating in big pieces of aqua quartz.
The flag must not be used as a festoon , rosette or bunting or in any other manner of decoration.
They also paint them red, the colour of happiness, and string them in festoons for wedding decorations.
I suspect they are a strictly local phenomenon, hanging around in festoons in The Weald.
As someone who has had a recycled cardboard tree for the last few years (thank you, Muji), and whose mother habitually festoons decorations on random house plants, I have some fundamental misgivings about Christmas trees.
The few trees that have been planted on the road side and road medians are utilised by political parties and companies to hang their banners and festoons , at the expense of their natural beauty.
Today, the roundabouts are festooned with decorations and blue and yellow lights.
The city, towns, villages and countryside are festooned in the blue and white.
The immediate area is festooned with posters calling for the clean-up.