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festivity / торжества, празднества, веселье
имя существительное
celebration, festivity, exercises
festivity, exercise
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, festivity
имя существительное
the celebration of something in a joyful and exuberant way.
the season of festivity and goodwill
Originally Olympics took the form of a local festivity , designed to provide a forum for friendly competition.
she had caught Susan taking a bunch of bouquets at the conclusion of an earlier festivity
The newspaper warned its readers not ‘to wink at such excesses, merely because they occur at a season of festivity .’
This occasion is celebrated with much festivity - dancing, eating, and drinking.
a time of great rejoicing and festivity
That all changed when I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a grand festivity sure to be remembered forever in the annals of history.
A son's birth involves a circumcision festivity during which the mother gets presents.
Beyond the night itself they have made tremendous efforts to maintain a sense of festivity with their Winter Festival programmes of mulled wine and international market stalls.
In an age when every moment of festivity is celebrated only by being swallowed by the endless advertising of Multi-National Corporations, it's easy to forget what life truly is about.
Weddings are an important festivity in the islands and are influenced by Cape Verdeans' African roots.