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festival / фестиваль, празднество
имя существительное
festival, feast, gala, fete, jamboree, junket
имя прилагательное
festive, holiday, celebratory, gala, festival, festal
имя существительное
a day or period of celebration, typically a religious commemoration.
a tabulation of saints' days and other festivals
a festival atmosphere
This annual festival is in its 24th year and is connected to Cricklade College in Andover.
Cricklade will be buzzing with activity when its annual town festival kicks off next month.
Jackie said the school would want to be a part of any city-wide anniversary festival .
Exotic sights, sounds and flavours filled a parish hall in Cricklade as part of the annual town festival .
Besides the religious connotation of the festival , it is seen as a time for revelry.
music festival
Linda and Steve hope the event will become a popular annual fundraising motorcycle festival .
In the Trobriand Islands the annual yam festival is more than just ordinary.
The Bank Holiday weekend saw Harewood House play host to their annual family festival of food and drink.