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fester / гноиться, мучить, загнаиваться
fester, suppurate, matter
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, fester
имя существительное
suppuration, fester, purulence, rankling, maturation, gathering
гноящаяся ранка
(of a wound or sore) become septic; suppurate.
I developed a tropical sore that festered badly
remand prisoners are left to fester in our jails while they wait for trial
People generally try to avoid brown recluse spiders because their bites fester into painful sores.
If you allow a small sore like this to fester , it could become a major malady.
In fact the evidence hints that they are as coolly fuzzy as ever, bands like this don't go away they just fester and get better in the process.
Without freedom of the press, such problems will only fester , and that is not in the long-term interest of the United States.
Sinclair's likely departure will raise further questions about how last week's shake-up was handled and what long-term dissatisfaction may fester among others who lost out.
I think I am going to let the problem fester until then.
But why has the Lebanese government let this problem fester ?
Stomach wounds fester and kill slowly if they don't kill quickly.
The threat may ultimately have less to do with competitive fire than with a readiness to let resentments fester and anger flare without feeling any need to bridle emotions or discipline his temper.