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festal / праздничный, веселый
имя прилагательное
festive, holiday, celebratory, gala, festival, festal
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, festal
имя прилагательное
of, like, or relating to a celebration or festival.
he appeared in festal array
Christian worship may be assumed to have been a matter of ritual from the start, because of its roots in Temple worship, common festal meals, and the baptismal practice of Jesus and John.
And the whole celebration will be rounded off at 6pm with a festal Eucharist in the parish church.
Barton suggests that an Anglican bishop finds it in the festal cycle culminating in Holy Week, while the Methodist finds it in preaching.
In the festal throng, the mixed noises and movement bring Tito into the carnival spirit of human joyful becoming where his personal anxieties are excluded.
The orgiastic reaches a licentious, contagious and unrestrainable climax in the festal - those moments occasioning transgressions of imposed morality.
Galleries flank the terrace, and on festal days in summer the whole can be thrown open for large receptions.
Various on-site locations are unique loci of festal carnality.
But such a view, it becomes clear, is only a semblance, since outside of carnival time's hope and progress, hardship contradicts festal joy.
Wallace guides preachers in linking their sermons to the festal , pastoral, and sanctoral calendar by connecting these liturgical occasions with three human ‘hungers.’
Dr David Hope praised the Queen's ‘unstinting service, profound wisdom and unswerving faith’ during her 50-year reign at a special festal evensong at York Minster.