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fertilizer / удобрение, минеральное удобрение, оплодотворитель
имя существительное
fertilizer, manure, manuring, soil, enrichment, dressing
минеральное удобрение
имя существительное
a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.
a nitrogenous fertilizer
sewage sludge could be a valuable fertilizer for use in British forests
a nitrogenous fertilizer
these varieties need pesticides and more fertilizer
Toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers we use in our agricultural fields ultimately reach our waters and pollute them.
This year we will compare the results of crops grown with rock dust, manure, chemical fertilisers and an unfertilised control.
But I also like to know that it's been grown without chemicals and pesticides and fertilisers .
Fishmeal and other fish-based fertilisers also supply valuable trace elements.
And we all already know about the damage caused by fertilisers , pesticides, chemicals in our food, and fishing these days.
Organic food is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers .
The only way to be a successful farmer is to use lots of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.