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fertilize / удобрять, оплодотворять, опылять
fertilize, nourish, manure, enrich, dung, dress
fertilize, impregnate, inseminate, fructify, fecundate
pollinate, spray, fertilize, pollen
cause (an egg, female animal, or plant) to develop a new individual by introducing male reproductive material.
Biologists knew from studies on a wide range of animals that males compete with other males to fertilize eggs and that females choose potential mates based on the males' appearance and, perhaps, even on their sperm.
Sperm from the same male could be used to fertilize eggs from several females and vice versa.
Soils may harbor 50 to 500 earthworms per square meter; they keep soils aerated, and their castings fertilize the soil.
The female needs a male to fertilize her egg, even though it is she who carries offspring through pregnancy and childbirth.
At the end of the nineteenth century, burning forest biomass to clear land and fertilize the soil was used only occasionally on the Continent.
This procedure is repeated until all the eggs are laid, with the male looping himself round the female each time to fertilize the eggs as she lays them.
Males compete to fertilize eggs, and a week or two after spawning adults of both sexes die.
Shinohara and his colleagues used a recently developed technique called in vitro microinsemination to fertilize rat eggs with mouse-grown rat sperm.
The male will follow behind the female and fertilize the eggs as they are laid.
When fertility laboratories fertilize eggs, grow embryos to the same developmental stage as the embryo clones and implant them in a human uterus, 40 to 60 percent end up as babies.
When the only other dead member of our party died, we buried him in the soil to fertilize the land.