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fertility / плодородие, плодовитость, изобилие
имя существительное
fertility, fruitfulness, fecundity, richness, heart, rankness
fertility, fecundity, prolificacy, prolificness
abundance, plenty, galore, fertility, wealth, exuberance
wealth, riches, richness, rich, fortune, fertility
имя существительное
the quality of being fertile; productiveness.
improve the soil fertility by adding compost
Neither of these surgeries were done to improve her fertility .
Currently, stem cells used for research largely come from embryos leftover from fertility clinics.
Four of the eight QTL for reduced homozygous seed set are colocated with QTL associated with reduced male fertility .
Treatment can also affect your fertility or ability to have children.
It is part of the attire of a Bosporan priestess to Demeter, goddess of fertility .
improve the soil fertility by adding compost
anxiety and stress affect fertility in both men and women
This paper develops a rational choice model of the fertility of single women in the presence of government transfers.
Several herbs are notable for boosting fertility , too.
Our results further show that the extent of hybrid male fertility varies somewhat with the particular parental strains used.