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ferret / хорек, сыщик, плотная шелковая тесьма
имя существительное
ferret, polecat, fitch, fitchew, foumart
detective, sleuth, spotter, eye, gumshoe, ferret
плотная шелковая тесьма
ferret, ferreting
pick, ferret, hunt out, dig, nose, mouse
охотиться с хорьком
ferret, go ferreting
выгонять из норы
ferret, ferret away, ferret out, unearth, draw
имя существительное
a domesticated polecat kept as a pet or used, especially in Europe, for catching rabbits. It is typically albino or brown.
Fishers are among the least understood of the weasel family, or mustelids, which also includes martens, minks, ermines, ferrets , badgers, otters, and wolverines.
(of a person) hunt with ferrets, typically for rabbits.
Their excuse, said Mr Evans, was that they were visiting Cumbria for rabbiting and ferreting - an implausible explanation at a time when people were not allowed on to farmland because of the foot-and-mouth epidemic.
Opposite me sat a man with a ferret or stoat (I'm not sure of the difference) sitting in the inside pocket of his jacket, from where it surveyed the rest of the carriage as he stroked its silky head.
she had the ability to ferret out the facts
The black-footed ferret , swift fox, mountain plover, ferruginous hawk, burrowing owl, and other species are dependent upon prairie dogs to varying degrees.
Directors always see something in you that you have to kind of ferret out, in a way.
she had the ability to ferret out the facts
The predators included 13 raptors, ranging from great-horned owls to the American kestrel, and a domestic cat and a ferret .
The good folks at the American Physical Society have noticed this, and have even initiated a contest to help ferret out the reason for the equation's appearance.
he had a quick ferret around
Mr Smith then visited Saudi Arabia twice trying to ferret the truth out of the authorities.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists the black-footed ferret as an endangered species.