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ferment / фермент, брожение, закваска
имя существительное
enzyme, ferment, zyme, zymoprotein
fermentation, ferment, effervescence, work, fret, effervescency
leaven, ferment, sourdough, yeast, emptyings, barm
wander, roam, ferment, prowl, ramble, stroll
excite, disturb, agitate, ferment, stir, move
имя существительное
agitation and excitement among a group of people, typically concerning major change and leading to trouble or violence.
Germany at this time was in a state of religious ferment
a fermenting agent or enzyme.
They have a slightly gamy flavour, due to the enzymes or ferments from the gut.
(of a substance) undergo fermentation.
the drink had fermented, turning some of the juice into alcohol
incite or stir up (trouble or disorder).
the politicians and warlords who are fermenting this chaos
But the intellectual firepower that underlies any such revolution is growing; the region is in the throes of genuine pro-democratic ferment .
Native bacteria ferment natural sugars to lactic acid, a major flavoring and preservative in sauerkraut and in naturally fermented dills.
Apparently an army of anarchists is going to descend on Dublin from all corners of Europe and ferment trouble.
Germany at this time was in a state of religious ferment
In this ferment , a group of men meeting often in the apartments and taverns of the High Street - ministers, lawyers, private individuals - set themselves to examine the changed environment.
a period of political and religious ferment
The bacteria that live there release hydrogen and carbon dioxide when they ferment the lactose.
By polarising discontent, it is transforming it from ferment to turmoil into energy spent constructively.
The problem is, that we can't ferment the democratic revolution ourselves, because most of the democratizers seem to be saying to us, keep your distance.
However, he found that, when he added some of the boiled and presumably useless yeast juice to an active batch, the active yeast juice suddenly showed an increased capacity to ferment glucose.