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fender / кранец, каминная решетка, крыло автомобиля
имя существительное
fender, pudding, puddening, pud
каминная решетка
grate, fender, fireguard, spark guard
крыло автомобиля
fender, splashboard, dashboard, dasher, mudguard, vane
имя существительное
a thing used to keep something off or prevent a collision, in particular.
Truex's car needed a new nose, hood, fender and pinbars to hold the radiator in place.
a low frame bordering a fireplace to contain burning materials.
His elegantly designed candlesticks, fireplace fenders , and furniture, for example, often made use of identical components in different combinations.
A grotesque wreck of a truck lying by the road side, its fender blown off and torched to the metal.
The downside of this design is that minor collision damage often necessitated the replacement of the whole hood - a costly item - instead of just one fender .
The bomb was left under the left fender of the car, which was parked near to the home of its owner, a former police officer.
There was a buffet beneath one window, and china closets flanked the fireplace where a fire crackled behind the fender .
You pour hydrochloric acid on a car fender and it will eat a hole in it.
Two Belgian sailors have also been rewarded for jumping into the River Thames to rescue a woman hanging from a fender between the Belgian warships last summer.
My front wheel hit the rear fender of the car and I ended up sliding along the road sideways.
For your body parts needs, the store offers light and high-grade replacements body panels such as the hood, fender and door.
One, starting at the headlight, forms a curve (upward over the fender area, downward along the door, then back up and down on the rear quarter) that is said to be reminiscent of the beltline of a classic roadster.
The smaller of the two jumped on to the side fender on the driver's side and demanded any valuables in the police chief's possession.