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fen / фен, болото, топь
имя существительное
hairdryer, dryer, drier, fen, hairdrier
swamp, marsh, bog, quagmire, morass, fen
swamp, bog, marsh, slough, fen, morass
имя существительное
a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land.
a flooded fen
a monetary unit of China, equal to one hundredth of a yuan.
Of some 10 million containers, 70 per cent were purchased at the rate of two fen each.
It is the smallest patterned fen recorded in Maine; the next largest is 11 hectares.
The northern parts of the county remained for centuries almost completely cut off by fen and water and developed their own unique way of life.
Site-specific features of the hydroperiod and geochemistry of the waters influencing the site will determine the specific type of peatland that will develop from the mineral wetland, be it swamp, fen or bog.
The plan was unveiled after the firm said its profit for the first half nearly doubled to 110 million yuan, or 19 fen per share.
He said China's insurance market was showing signs of a slowdown this year but was still confident that it will be able to achieve its 2004 profit target of at least 2.76 billion yuan, or 45 fen per share on a pro forma diluted basis.
In the past, a bottle of hot water was priced at only one fen , cheaper than the cost of burning coal to heat water at home.
The wetland is a large sedge- and sphagnum-dominated lakeside fen and cattail marsh that supports one of the most diverse wetland bird communities in the state.
With gross profit margin up to 35.2 per cent from 25.9 per cent a year ago, the company declared an interim dividend of 5.6 fen per share for the first time since listing in 2001.
55 acres of fen
Meanwhile, the company, China's biggest ethylene producer, saw its net profit leap more than fivefold to 1.03 billion yuan, or 31 fen per share, in the first half on rising sales.