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feminize / делать женственным, изнеживать, делаться женственным
делать женственным
pamper, feminize, coddle, effeminate, mollycoddle, emasculate
делаться женственным
make (something) more characteristic of or associated with women.
as office roles changed, clerical work was increasingly feminized
Taking estrogen can feminize appearance by increasing breast size, shrinking testicles, rounding the hips and reducing facial and body hair.
Will his sex-change also feminize his personality, his attitudes, his spirit, and thus endanger my male friendship with him?
In general, ovarian estrogens feminize and demasculinize the developing hypothalamus and perhaps other brain areas known to control copulatory behaviors.
In contrast to the state-sanctioned violence of the first scene, the violence that dominates the rest of the play is feminized .
These are detergent products, and they break down in the environment to be coming quite oestrogenically active, quite capable of feminising the fish.
The men who have entered female types of work are then contrasted with those that work in male jobs which are feminising , to illustrate some of the processes of marginalisation.
But, they add, the feminization of medicine is helping to lower physician salaries, encourage part-time doctoring and exacerbate a looming shortage of physicians.
Documented evidence is now available to show that there is a correlation between the growth of the forces of globalization, and what has come to be known as the feminization of poverty, worldwide.
He argues that professionalization emerged as an ideology used by women and men social workers to overcome their marginal status and gain respectability in a new and increasingly feminized job market in the 20th century.
I refer to Kieron Wood's article about feminised Catholicism and share some of his concerns.