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fella / тип
имя существительное
type, style, kind, class, nature, fella
It was a semi-detached house which, when I was a young fella , was way out in the country.
you can't blame the wee fella
she took a fancy to her best friend's fella
The young fella had finally tasted the glamorous world that captured his imagination four decades earlier.
When I was a young fella my geography teacher lamented that Ireland had no natural resources.
He'd throw the young fella up on his shoulders and use his ticket to get in.
At least the young fella should be assessed before any decision is made on deporting the family.
goodbye, young fella
As I move to enter, I'm forced to step aside as a young fella carrying some bulky shiny metallic object staggers out.
It was great fun though and I am sure I will continue to go till the wee fella makes an appearance.