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fell / шкура, волосы, шерсть
имя существительное
skin, hide, pelt, fur, fell, pelage
hair, locks, wig, wool, lock, fell
wool, hair, fur, coat, fleece, fell
fell, cut, throw, fall, get out, naff
hack, cut, chop, cut down, hew, fell
cut down, fell, carve out
имя прилагательное
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, fell
ferocious, fierce, savage, furious, truculent, fell
merciless, ruthless, relentless, cutthroat, savage, fell
имя существительное
an amount of timber cut.
a hill or stretch of high moorland, especially in northern England.
Cross Fell
an animal's hide or skin with its hair.
cut down (a tree).
Up on a ridge to the right of us, someone has been felling an oak tree all day.
stitch down (the edge of a seam) to lie flat.
a flat-felled seam
имя прилагательное
of terrible evil or ferocity; deadly.
sorcerers use spells to achieve their fell ends
move downward, typically rapidly and freely without control, from a higher to a lower level.
bombs could be seen falling from the planes
(of a person) lose one's balance and collapse.
she fell down at school today
decrease in number, amount, intensity, or quality.
in 1987 imports into Britain fell by 12 percent
pass into a specified state.
many of the buildings fell into disrepair
Sometimes, the wind also brought unnervingly fell sounds with it, as if a chorus of unholy demons was singing in the distance.
an area of fell and moor
Instead, a complicated procedure for seeking permission to fell oak trees legally was introduced.
Many people visit the museums devoted to the famous writers before browsing through the shops or taking to the fells to prepare for a hearty pub lunch or afternoon tea in one of the delightful coffee shops.
To the left, the fells rise gently with craggy outcrops.
Police resources will not extend to patrolling the remote fells and the worst kind of motorcyclist knows this.
Diggers moved in to shift tons of earth, trees were felled , a house next to the course was demolished and two electricity pylons were moved.
A classic sewn finish that lends itself to easy tops and dresses is the flat-fell seam, especially on the shoulder seams.
In a village near Varna, the wind felled an unfinished wall, which reduced an old house to debris as it fell, said the Civil Defence.
Bulldozers felled the antenna of the radio station, who were accused of inciting hatred and violence.