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feline / кошачий, по-кошачьи хитрый, по-кошачьи злобный
имя прилагательное
feline, catlike, catty, cattish
по-кошачьи хитрый
по-кошачьи злобный
имя существительное
животное семейства кошачьих
feline, cat
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or affecting cats or other members of the cat family.
feline leukemia
имя существительное
a cat or other member of the cat family.
But except for the Florida felines , as far as one can tell, wild cougars no longer live east of the Mississippi.
He realized that they were feline in shape almost like a cat, though much longer than any cat he had ever seen.
My mother began to feed the neighborhood cats so that we developed a fair size feline family outside.
Healthy rats - even those bred for hundreds of generations in the laboratory - show distinct anxiety around feline odors.
If you, like many people, consider your canine or feline to be simply another member of the family, you will have the peace-of-mind that they are well cared for!
She moved across the room with the grace of a feline , putting her hand on his chest when she reached him.
Humans have long imitated feline attributes and graces.
Having just recently lost a very favourite feline member of our household, the title caught my eye immediately.
Despite this, he was young and strong-looking, with a feline sort of grace.
This means the feline faces a high risk of extinction in the wild in the medium-term future.
My favorite shot in the film is near the end when the women are all hugging each other on the escalator, just acting with a sort of animal, feline grace.