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felicity / счастье, блаженство, меткость
имя существительное
happiness, luck, fortune, bliss, blessing, felicity
bliss, blessedness, beatitude, felicity, blessing
accuracy, precision, sharpshooting, felicity
имя существительное
intense happiness.
domestic felicity
the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts.
speech that pleased by its accuracy, felicity, and fluency
domestic felicity
But felicity is, in the end, something to be sought.
In India, where he is read for the felicity of his language, sales of his novels are very much in demand among the younger generation.
His special felicity was in the depiction of moonlight, mist-gleam and rainshine, often in combination, on parkland, ship-rigged harbours and lamp-lit city streets.
Prema Jayakumar's translation is done with a rare felicity that is pleasing to read.
he exposed the kernel of the matter with his customary elegance and felicity
I have wondered, for instance, whether it is more a sense of brushstroke rather than verbal felicity that makes for some of the most arresting imagery in the lyric poems of David Campbell or the meditative poems of Robert Gray.
English humour is subtle and effective while the felicity of expression is lost in the American humour.
What he's talking about - as always - is how to lead a good and therefore happy life; he loved productivity and valued felicity .
All we have to do is speak our preferences plainly and a whole new world of mutual felicity should arise.