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feisty / энергичный, обидчивый, раздражительный
имя прилагательное
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, feisty
touchy, resentful, techy, sensitive, quick to take offense, feisty
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, feisty
имя прилагательное
(of a person, typically one who is relatively small or weak) lively, determined, and courageous.
a feisty heroine who's more than a pretty face
There is undoubtedly a feisty spirit about the current Aberdeen squad.
But she does have lots of feisty Irish spirit and a best friend called Marion, who enjoys a few drinks and a good old sing song in the local pub.
She is stacked and feisty , but not actually that smart a player.
Once they adapt to their new coach's ways, the team will be aggressive and feisty .
She speaks softly but forcefully, an indication of how feisty she can be.
Hadrian built his wall to keep out raiding parties from what is now Scotland; then, as now, the Scots were a lively, feisty people.
He was stubborn and feisty , determined and driven, and that's the mark that he has left.
Scotland were well beaten by a determined and feisty Irish side who now go to Twickenham next weekend with a chance of winning the championship.
The feisty old lady lives alone but fights with the men almost every day.
Even so, the country has begun to ponder what it will be like without an outspoken, feisty prime minister.