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feint / финт, ложный выпад, притворство
имя существительное
feint, dummy, dodge
ложный выпад
pretense, hypocrisy, sham, dissimulation, affectation, feint
имя существительное
a deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, especially in boxing or fencing.
a brief feint at the opponent's face
make a deceptive or distracting movement, typically during a fight.
he feinted left, drawing a punch and slipping it
имя прилагательное
denoting paper printed with faint lines as a guide for handwriting.
He taught me how to feint and pull back and right-hand counter-punch.
A feint can force your enemy to tie down huge amounts of forces to protect against an attack that never comes.
The German High Command, viewing the Normandy attack as a feint , failed until too late to commit their armored reserves.
Fencing has developed over the centuries to become Europe's most refined martial art, and when one learns how to feint , lunge, parry and riposte it is possible to take this combative art to Olympic level.
a brief feint at the opponent's face
Your opponent makes a feint to your six, then hits your eight with a simple lunge.
a brief feint at the opponent's face
His eyes widened momentarily, but then he scowled and feinted a kick, then swung his arm around.
I jumped back, and charged, feinting an attack to the right.
Account should be taken at the same time of enemy methods of feints and other stratagems.