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feign / симулировать, притворяться, придумывать
simulate, pretend, feign, sham, assume, dissimulate
pretend, act, feign, dissemble, play, sham
invent, think, think up, think of, devise, feign
pretend to be affected by (a feeling, state, or injury).
she feigned nervousness
And if that fails, fall to the ground and feign injury to break up your opponents' attack.
Likewise, fighters who feign wounds or injury to lure the enemy within striking range teach their foes to view enemy wounded as a threat, placing all injured soldiers at risk.
Luckily for him, his opponent did not feign injury.
If a predator approaches an active nest, the adults will give alarm calls and often feign injury to draw the predator away.
The next day I decide that I can probably safely show up at anytime and feign having made an appointment.
Being a big coward myself, I think I'd feign an injury rather than be on a team that has to face this Argentinan side.
One can affect unawareness, feign indifference or summon up some other defense against such entreaties.
I'm really not going to want to leave this office when the time comes… perhaps I can feign a compelling excuse to stay… any suggestions?
Fair enough, there are people who feign injuries and make up claims to make some money, which is totally wrong.
Have him or her call you back; it is reasonable to feign a reason for an emergency exit if you are ill at ease.