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feeling / чувство, ощущение, впечатление
имя существительное
feeling, sense, sensation, sentiment, emotion, pulse
feeling, sensation, sense, feel, perception
impression, impress, effect, feeling, showing
имя прилагательное
sensitive, delicate, susceptible, sensory, feeling, tender
полный сочувствия
sympathetic, feeling
heartfelt, feeling, home-felt
имя существительное
an emotional state or reaction.
a feeling of joy
a belief, especially a vague or irrational one.
he had the feeling that he was being watched
the capacity to experience the sense of touch.
a loss of feeling in the hands
a sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of.
he seems to have little feeling for art
имя прилагательное
showing emotion or sensitivity.
he had a warm and feeling heart
be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched.
she felt someone touch her shoulder
experience (an emotion or sensation).
I felt a sense of excitement
have a belief or impression, especially without an identifiable reason.
she felt that the woman positively disliked her
His acting roles are typically all over the range, but usually have a sense of feeling to them.
I want you to listen what he said, what his sense, what his feeling is right now.
It all feels so lacking in genuine feeling , genuine emotion, genuine interest.
I didn't have a real strong feeling about anything until I started playing music.
The singer has an even, rounded tone, an apposite feeling for ornament and an ability to phrase with sprightly elegance.
there was a very eerie feeling in the place
I had a very strong feeling that there was someone or something in the cave with me.
If showing our emotions leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable, then why do it?
There are so many in our price range we soon experienced the old familiar feeling of bewilderment bordering on mania.
a feeling person