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feedstuff / корм, фураж
имя существительное
feed, food, forage, fodder, feed-stuff, nutrition
fodder, forage, feed, provender, feed-stuff
имя существительное
a food provided for cattle and other livestock.
In addition, various combinations and processing methods of food waste and traditional feedstuffs should be further evaluated.
However, seasonal variation among individual feedstuffs and environmental conditions do exist.
Typically, if enough land is available in an operation to produce feedstuffs for the animals, there is enough land to apply manure nutrients to minimize environmental effects.
In this instance, the dioxin source was traced to contaminated animal fats that had been added to chicken feed and other animal feedstuffs .
From the 1830s farmers began to use increasing quantities of artificial fertilizers and animal feedstuffs , pushing up productivity to new levels.
His rations change daily according to available feedstuffs like citrus pulp, brewers grains, sorghum silage and other by-products of the area.
Limit-feeding of high concentrate feedstuffs and other least-cost diets have been well researched and established as viable alternatives to feeding hay for ad libitum intake.
Lower prices for alternative high protein feedstuffs such as soybean meal have resulted in lower prices for meat and bone meal.
Different feedstuffs vary in their phytate content.
Some feedstuffs , particularly roughages, may appear to contribute enough amino acid to help satisfy the requirement.
The greater variation in feedstuffs used in horse feeding compared with the feeding of other animals poses difficulty in determining all of the essential amino acid requirements for horses.