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feeder / питатель, фидер, кормушка
имя существительное
feeder, batcher
feeder, trough, manger, crib, rack, pork
подающий механизм
eater, feeder, trencherman, pecker
имя существительное
a person or animal that eats a particular food or in a particular manner.
a plankton feeder
a container filled with food for birds or mammals.
My mother was in the background that afternoon, doing the brunch dishes and offering more coffee, weeding the garden and filling the bird feeder .
a person or thing that supplies something, in particular.
This striker comes from Liverpool's unofficial feeder club.
He said his ministry would grade all feeder roads in readiness for the marketing season.
Many processors use a fruit feeder to add inclusions to the ice cream mix.
Chanda says agricultural production can be increased if rural infrastructure like feeder roads, dams and irrigation systems are improved.
Mother has a green house out there and there's an automated feeder for the deer who come into town foraging.
They are the main feeder routes into national roads.
The four targeted schools educate kindergarten up to Grade 4 students and are feeder schools to larger elementary schools.
Meanwhile, a road contractor who was engaged to rehabilitate the feeder road is reported to have abandoned the project.
These roads act as a main feeder road onto the Inner Ring Road with many commercial trucks and heavy goods vehicles using the road on a daily basis.
And I think a lot of clubs in the feeder league feel the same.