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feed / кормить, питаться, питать
feed, nourish, nurse, bait
feed, feed on, live, feed upon, victual
supply, feed, nourish, feed on, entertain, harbor
имя существительное
feed, food, forage, fodder, feed-stuff, nutrition
innings, supply, feed, feeding, submission, delivery
supply, nutrition, food, diet, feeding, feed
имя прилагательное
stern, aft, feed, fodder, pabular, pabulary
charging, feed
имя существительное
an act of giving food, especially to animals or a baby, or of having food given to one.
I've just given the horse her feed
a device or conduit for supplying material to a machine.
the plotter has a continuous paper feed
a line or prompt given to an actor on stage.
Simon needed our kid to speak up and give him the feed line of ‘no’ so he could deliver his line and then subsequent cheap shot.
give food to.
the raiders fed the guard dog to keep it quiet
supply (a machine) with material, power, or other things necessary for its operation.
the programs are fed into the computer
cause to move gradually and steadily, typically through a confined space.
make holes through which to feed the cables
make a payment to (someone) in return for services.
Others offer discounts on software purchases to subscribers of their once-free, now fee'd , online service.
I could feed my melancholy by reading Romantic poetry
a paper feed
You can feed your cat food that will help to control it too.
programs that the national networks feed to local stations
You can even set a refresh rate based on the individual feed .
The more information you feed your children, the more alert they'll be when the time comes for them to use it.
Here are some easy directions for adding a feed to your site.
Anything to save you some energy must be good, I can't imagine how difficult it must be with ME and having to feed a coal fire all the time.
I gave him a big feed of rashers and eggs and mashed potatoes
I've just given the horse her feed