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feeble / слабый, немощный, хилый
имя прилагательное
weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, slight
infirm, feeble, sickish
frail, puny, feeble, ailing, puisne, weakly
имя существительное
slack, feeble
слабое место
weak point, weakness, weakspot, feeble
имя прилагательное
lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness.
my legs are very feeble after the flu
But was there any reason besides political correctness to produce such a feeble , boring piece in the first place?
She looks so weak and feeble from all her depression, but there's a strength in her now that was never there before.
Some of your ideas might sound feeble , even to your own ears.
Nor are they convinced by the administration's decision on Wednesday to lower the terror alert from orange to yellow, a rather feeble attempt to demonstrate the wisdom of this war.
I didn't want to ask to sleep next to her because the words sounded feeble in my head, like a child was saying them.
And there always seems to be some feeble excuse or other in an attempt to defend their illicit actions, rather than admitting that most of them are just downright bad.
No matter how powerful and commanding your voice, it always sounds weak and feeble after loud music and graphics on a big screen, but the drama that was about to unfold really was a jarring contrast.
With a feeble squeak, his knees buckled, and he tumbled into a wall, eyes wide with shock.
It was surprising how feeble Wills's replies sounded.
Truth be told, it's great and, weak and feeble as I can be, I love it.