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federation / федерация, объединение, союз
имя существительное
federation, confederation, alliance, commonweal, commonwealth
association, union, unification, combination, merger, federation
union, alliance, league, association, conjunction, federation
имя существительное
a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
should the world be governed by a Pax Americana or by a democratic UN federation?
But by the time of Australian federation , nationalism had undergone a profound transformation.
Also coming up is a federation cabaret and flower arranging display as well as the federation Christmas party taking place in December.
Will trade unions within the federation fund international work?
Jospin sums up his own idea of Europe in the formula ‘a federation of nation states’.
On Friday Bill Jordan, head of the international federation of trade unions led a group of less than 100 people in a silent protest as the trade talks began.
This federation of Independent churches, now some 30-40 strong, has been successful in the south amongst the unchurched.
Moldova favored an asymmetrical federation in which power would be concentrated in the central government.
a first step in the federation of Europe
Meanwhile, Montenegro sought increased autonomy within the federation and began making moves toward that goal.
And some type of federation , where all tribes, all people are represented, is the best hope that we can have for that country.