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federalist / федералист
имя существительное
federalist, federal
имя существительное
an advocate or supporter of federalism.
political struggles between centralists and federalists
a member or supporter of the Federalist Party.
captured both the legislative and the executive branches of the federal government from the Federalists
имя прилагательное
of, pertaining to, or favoring federalism or federalists.
the Quebec Liberal Party and the federalist cause would be greatly strengthened by his candidacy
designating or pertaining to the Federalist Party.
it was not a weapon that could reach John Marshall and the other Federalist judges
As a Supreme Court advocate, attorney general, law-review author, and occasional columnist, Bill Pryor has done more than anyone to propagate and promote a federalist renewal.
It is still unclear whether federalist states, such as Germany or Belgium, will prevail over non-federalist ones like England and France.
A federalist approach allows for some form of self-governing and possible co-existence between the various groups.
They found it in the Ottoman Empire, in the Moorish kingdoms, in the Hapsburg Empire and now even in liberal regimes - in the European Union with all of its flaws and in the federalist project in the US.
Now it's true that such distrust was one of the motivations for the Constitution's federalist structure, but it is not the driving force behind the Supreme Court's federalism jurisprudence.
The European constitution - far from being some wild federalist blueprint - actually restores many powers to national governments.
My point here is limited to the federalist concern about one U.S. jurisdiction effectively banning, restricting, or taxing conduct that's perfectly legal in other jurisdictions.
First, they are able to feed off of the right-wing politics of their federalist opponents.
That is the strength of this federalist system.
And one recurrent question is whether the country should remain a unitary nation or whether it should be a federalist state with a lot of autonomy given to the provinces.