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federalism / федерализм
имя существительное
имя существительное
the federal principle or system of government.
the politics of federalism in Canada
Can federalism enhance the democratic legitimacy of a political system?
Thus is the benign and pleasant face of federalism presented throughout Quebec.
However much they may pay lip service to asymmetrical federalism , when push comes to shove, an activist federal party proposes federal programs.
We're left with an amendment that achieves social conservative aims by subverting both the separation of powers and federalism .
At the political level, federalism is an institution we borrowed from the Americans, adapting it to a parliamentary system.
A written constitution can be viewed as a structural feature of this particular Constitution, as are separation of powers and federalism , that serves particular purposes.
Unfortunately, many of the jurists whose names are most often cited as possible successors have troubling records on choice, federalism and church-state separation.
In every opinion poll and at their chance to vote, they showed they want all the boring, beautiful things of a stable life: democracy, federalism , power-sharing.
Although it was not directly named in the Constitution, federalism is a central principle of government in the United States of America.
This view is more in keeping with federalism - the concept that the federal government would not intrude into core state affairs.