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federal / федеральный, союзный, правительственный
имя прилагательное
union, allied, federal, syndetic, confederate, conjunctional
governmental, cabinet, ministerial, federal
имя существительное
federalist, federal
имя прилагательное
having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.
Russia's federation treaty shares powers among Russia's federal and local governments
It is a federal responsibility and for the States to intrude in a general way makes for uncertainty.
In one case federal money was provided to help monitor the police.
Chancellor Schröder played the key role in shifting the federal government to support the ban.
The federal government hadn't funded them, but they were trying to carry on.
It would help cement a close working relationship with the federal government in the future, she said.
However, it was short of money from the first and many in federal agencies were far too conservative to give it their support.
Since the provinces won't, the federal government should take up the students' case.
Others mocked it as a paper bullet that only freed slaves in areas where the federal government had no authority.
The prisons retain a federal connection to the central administration in Moscow.
He is touted for setting up a program for formerly uninsured workers at no cost to the federal government.