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fecund / плодородный, плодовитый
имя прилагательное
fertile, fruitful, fecund, prolific, rich, productive
prolific, fertile, fruitful, fecund, productive, voluminous
имя прилагательное
producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile.
a lush and fecund garden
And yet (unlike the Tudors) the Dudleys were fecund .
It also argues that an ethics of difference, and a poetics to support it, are needed in order to move the course of history in a more fruitful and fecund direction.
Deer are a fecund species, and they produce multiple offspring when stressed.
They have let loose their fecund imaginations on the facts of Barrie's life like a pack of hungry dogs.
We can have a fecund economy, and we can have growth that's not something to be terrified of but celebrated - the way you celebrate a child growing up, or a tree that grows.
Barker's language is ‘dangerously seductive, rich, fecund , muscular, poetic and especially obscene’.
I do not depend only on my excellent memory when I state without fear of contradiction that Sir John's recollections, undeniably fabulous and indicative of a mind still very fecund , are anything but reliable.
The first quartet, subtitled ‘From My Life’ is a magnificent testament to its composer's fecund tunefulness as well as his fondness for telling a story in even his supposedly abstract works.
As I stepped inside I was not sure whether I would be confronted with refined pornography, naked couples embracing, or the usual fecund female goddess figure.
The natural surroundings of the airfield, draped in early morning mist, look too lush and fecund for a country gripped by a grim war.