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feather / перо, оперение, шпонка
имя существительное
pen, feather, nib, plume, blade, style
plumage, feathering, feather, coverts, coat, dress
key, dowel, spline, cotter, feather
fledge, feather
украшать перьями
feather, befeather
украшаться перьями
имя существительное
any of the flat appendages growing from a bird's skin and forming its plumage, consisting of a partly hollow horny shaft fringed with vanes of barbs.
When the color of the landscape changes, females shed their white plumage as brown replacement feathers grow in.
rotate the blades of (a propeller) about their own axes in such a way as to lessen the air or water resistance.
A fire erupted in the starboard engine and the pilot was unable to feather the propeller.
float, move, or wave like a feather.
the green fronds feathered against a blue sky
shorten or taper the hair by cutting or trimming.
my sister had her hair feathered
His hat was the iconic Australian symbol; the slouch with one side fastened up with a feather sticking out the side.
The crew had experienced minor difficulty in getting the propeller to fully feather .
How am I supposed to tell them from any other feather ?
His hair was long and blond and a red bandana was strapped around his head, a black feather hanging down from one side.
feather the paint in, in a series of light strokes
Her dream was all but forgotten as she looked up into the trees, trying to find the owner of the feather .
‘Although, if you do have a nice stiff turkey feather , that'd be good,’ he said.
The notch behind each arrow's feather fits neatly into the bow string.
He realized that they were coming from his bathroom and he opened the door slowly to see that the window was open and there was a big, black feather on the floor.
One stray feather sat mournfully closer to the door.