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feast / праздник, пир, банкет
имя существительное
holiday, feast, fiesta, fete, rejoicing, high day
feast, banquet, bowl, regale
banquet, feast, dinner, banquette, banket
feast, revel, banquet, make merry, junket, carouse
celebrate, feast, rejoice, hold, solemnize, keep
имя существительное
a large meal, typically one in celebration of something.
a wedding feast
eat and drink sumptuously.
the men would congregate and feast after hunting
The week will then offer a feast of music and poetry.
I know that the Mayor of Pisa, if he had any say in it at all, would like the tower to be reopened in June next year to coincide with the feast of their patron saint.
They are men and women in blue, numbering 15, and all set to treat you to a feast of a comic opera.
In Italy, spring offers a feast of events for the art lover.
It was at these capitals where the chief would feast his people after collecting very beautiful and attractive sand, which he spread around the palace.
Days like this one are memorable when a large group is treated to such a feast of fine golf.
The peppers' smoky-sweet flavor makes a satisfying feast out of any meal.
the men would congregate and feast after hunting
Even gloomy January is a good time to visit the region - at the end of the month, every village celebrates the feast of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers.
It was therefore fitting that on the feast of the Assumption, the Church, dedicated to Our Lady, was packed to overflowing.