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feasible / осуществимый, возможный, выполнимый
имя прилагательное
feasible, workable, enforceable, realizable, practicable, implementable
possible, feasible, eventual, potential, probable, likely
executable, feasible, doable, workable, implementable, manageable
likely, probable, possible, credible, plausible, feasible
executable, feasible
имя прилагательное
possible to do easily or conveniently.
it is not feasible to put most finds from excavations on public display
The preferred criterion model was found to be feasible and acceptable to general practitioners.
It seems to me someone could come up with a feasible solution for Bradford.
A public health policy of mass screening for ovarian cancer may not prove feasible for several reasons.
This last idea seemed the best to me - and the most feasible to try and achieve as well.
It would be a feasible solution that could be enacted with a handful of live shows.
A pledge is then feasible only if it is practical to separate the goods in question from the rest.
A feasible explanation for this discrepancy can be found in this work.
Is there any long term, feasible solution to parking problems in Bangalore?
For small companies, where centralized management is not a desideratum, this solution may be feasible .
But though it would be technically possible, would such tracking be feasible ?