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feasibility / возможность, осуществимость, выполнимость
имя существительное
opportunity, possibility, potential, capacity, ability, feasibility
feasibility, practicability, implementability
feasibility, implementability
имя существительное
the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done.
the feasibility of a manned flight to Mars
A decent bus service is the least local citizens should expect, and this should not depend on commercial feasibility .
This is not the first trial to be discontinued for reasons unrelated to efficacy, safety, or feasibility .
Mr Velu said two Japanese companies have been commissioned to study the projects' feasibility .
Few would dispute the intent behind such an offer, but what matters is its feasibility .
He has appointed a commission to investigate its feasibility .
Lee's suggestion triggered a lot of controversy, including questions about its feasibility .
the feasibility of screening athletes for cardiac disease
the feasibility of a manned flight to Mars
As with community policing, the question marks are over not the desirability of the approach but its feasibility .
We reviewed several scenarios to determine the merit and feasibility of our plan.