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fearful / страшный, ужасный, напуганный
имя прилагательное
terrible, fearful, horrible, frightful, frightening, dire
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, fearful
funky, frightened, fearful, afraid, pop-eyed
frightened, afraid, scared, startled, fearful, panicked
fearful, shy, skittish, timid, jittery, scary
имя прилагательное
feeling afraid; showing fear or anxiety.
bond traders have remained fearful of inflation
very great.
he could cause a fearful commotion
She saw the looks of fearful people, but what they were afraid of she didn't know.
Call it by its real name and much of the fearful power of the thing is lost.
Bad experiences can lead to the development of fearful beliefs about the future - fears the past will be repeated if we act the same way again.
Often the most panicked people are bystanders who become extremely fearful but have no outlet for that energy.
Economists nevertheless refuse to be alarmed by fearful prognoses of deflation.
For example, over the past two decades I was excessively fearful of inflation.
I have felt powerless, disgusted, frustrated, horrified and even fearful this week, all in equal measure.
She was horrified by this show of affection and fearful of its consequences.
We are grieving not just for the dead but also for all our own fearful futures - the threat of war, more suffering and more fanatical hatred.
If we are fearful of the consequences of murder then we are not likely to carry out a murder and that is good and to be welcomed.