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faze / беспокоить, досаждать, расстраивать
worry, disturb, bother, trouble, harass, faze
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, faze
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, faze
disturb or disconcert (someone).
she was not fazed by his show of anger
It doesn't faze her that many times her fellow riders are one-third her age.
It is an odd situation but I'm sure he will want to perform on that stage and he is such a great professional that things are unlikely to faze him.
I, on the other hand, am constantly dumping and getting dumped, and none of it seems to faze me.
But if it didn't work out, I just don't think that would faze me too much.
The task ahead is formidable but unlikely to faze her.
Even the dominance of his competitors does not appear to faze him.
He says the amount doesn't faze him at all, although he admits the investment is reaching ‘a farcical level’.
If you start thinking about it too much it can faze you.
There were people dancing and bumping into you and it didn't even faze you.
The trick is that Juan graduated from a hard school and nothing fazes him.