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fax / факс
имя существительное
fax, fax machine, telefax
передавать по факсу
имя существительное
an image of a document made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data by telecommunication links.
We will be able to deal with e-mail contact, electronic faxes and text messages from a mobile phone.
send (a document) by fax.
Almost overnight the demand for our services plummeted as customers began faxing their documents rather than sending them by courier.
the best way to order materials was to fax
The Air Force and Park Service are accepting comments by mail, fax , voice mall, or e-mail through March 7.
Most network management software will also allow you to fax documents from the desktop as well.
In those days, the tools at a marketer's disposal included direct mail, fax , phone and interactive television.
But the site is secure and accepts orders on-line, by fax , or by phone.
he received the report by fax
I process one application, only to find another's just arrived by fax .
Pick style, fabric, color, and sizes, then fax the order.
fax message
Enforced by the FTC, the Mail or Telephone Order Rule applies to orders placed by phone, fax or the Internet.