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favouritism / фаворитизм
имя существительное
favoritism, favouritism
имя существительное
the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.
Anything else would smack of favoritism and unfair treatment for a general officer.
And despite coming under heavy fire from political opponents for alleged favouritism towards his home county, the minister is remaining defiant.
my parents would vehemently deny showing favouritism towards one child in particular
The effects of this phenomenon are compounded by the continued practice of favouritism in political appointments, promotions and other decisions.
He does not want to hear about favouritism towards kindergartens.
And in the same vein there is a need to do away with corruption, a public disease, nepotism, favouritism , racism and other administrative deterring activities.
It wasn't just the obvious favouritism towards their own daughter that ticked him off either, that wasn't even the beginning of it.
the horse shares favouritism with her French-trained rival at 6-1
Ideally, a way would be found to encourage this official to keep an eye on all contributions, to avoid creating unfair favoritism .
Rivalry between brothers is a central theme of Genesis, fueled always by favoritism and preference for the second-born.
Another industry practice that may need re-examination, the panelists said, is the role of favoritism and preferential treatment in the newsroom.