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favourable / благоприятный, подходящий, удобный
имя прилагательное
favorable, auspicious, conducive, advantageous, friendly, good
suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, favorable
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, favorable
имя прилагательное
expressing approval.
the book received highly favorable reviews
to the advantage of someone or something.
they made a settlement favorable to the unions
Solutions will require both national measures as well as a determined effort by Government to secure the favourable outcome to EU negotiations.
A win is the most favourable outcome for them, a draw may or may not allow them to proceed.
The board is hoping for favourable weather and another big attendance.
We can wait for a favourable response from the GAA in the next two weeks.
Most have already been consulted on the scheme and have indicated a favourable outcome.
Of course the loss of one life is too many, but it would perhaps have been unrealistic to wish for quite such a favourable outcome.
When the wind was in a favourable direction, chlorine gas was released from the British front line so that it could drift over to the German front line.
And, providing the weather is favourable , the delegation will also be able to sample the sandy beaches of Bundoran during the week.
For collective bargaining to have a real point, it must achieve wage rates and non-wage conditions more favourable to the employees than the customary rate.
Presumably this review is the most favourable , in a prestigious journal, that the publisher could find.